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The name is Kevin.
I enjoy clothes, traveling, and taking photos with my Galaxy S3 or Nikon D5100.
To be clear, music is my girlfriend.
Oh and I make tumblr themes. You can view them here

  1. Athens, Greece

    Athens, Greece

  2. 20 Reasons why the MTV VMA’s were a hot mess

    With the exception of Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, here are 20 reasons why the 2013 MTV VMA’s were a hot mess.

    1. Who is Austin Mahone and his honys? Why is he relevant?
    2. What was the point of Kevin Hart recapping everything that happen 10 seconds before?
    3. Why did Nsync only perform half a song given how much hype there was about them reuniting? Truly underwhelming.
    4. How the FVCK did Miley get a slot on stage when the crowd was filled with much more brilliant artists like Ellie Golding, Daft Punk, and Emeli Sande.
    5. Miley Cyrus.
    6. Miley Cyrus’s tongue.
    7. Miley Cyrus’s nonexistent butt.
    8. Miley Cyrus trying to twerk with her nonexistent butt.
    9. Miley Cyrus being racially, culturally, and morally disrespectful.
    10. Miley Cyrus’s donuts on her head.
    11. Miley Cyrus’s foam hand.
    12. Miley Cyrus’s one piece teddy bear body suit.
    13. How did One Direction win Song of the Summer when no one’s heard of their song till yesterday?
    14. How did Austin Mahone beat out Zedd, The Weekend and Iggy Azalea with his generic, 90’s boy band - piece of trash song
    15. Why does Rihanna never look happy?
    17. Every performance was trying too hard to over-perform the last performance.
    18. Taylor Swift, just stop. You’re not 16 anymore, get over your past relationships.
    19. Why were the same 5 songs nominated for every award in every category?
    20. Why did I waste time writing this?

  3. Chrome Sparks - Cosmic Claps of Love

  4. Cub Scouts - Pool!

    Check out Cub Scouts at:

  5. A new independent music channel. Like and subscribe:

    A new independent music channel. Like and subscribe:

  6. Bondax - Gold (Snakehips bootleg)

  7. ViLLAGE - Takeover

  8. fyfe - Solace.

    Only song by fyfe and already #1 on HypeM

  9. bfwenflces-deactivated20131222 asked: You Have A Nikon D5100. Do You Think It's Worth Buying? Does It Have Video? And How Much Is It?

    Yes, I actually really like my Nikon. In terms of worth buying, I bought this camera off a friend as my starter camera. If you’re looking to invest in a camera for more professional use, I would say the Nikon D5100 isnt a bad choice. If its just going to be for regular pictures (ex. with friends etc) then I would say this camera is a bit on the expensive side. Although I bought mine for a lot more, it seems you can get this camera now for around $450-$500. Also, its great for video, shoots in HD and has a swiveling screen for all possible angles.

  10. Mesita - Somewhere Else

  11. Empty Streets. // Nikon D5100

    Empty Streets. // Nikon D5100

  12. Cold War Kids - Miracle Mile

  13. Photo Credits to AyeDang Photography

    Photo Credits to AyeDang Photography

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